How to buy

Generosity is a coin on the Binance Smart Chain network – here’s a short guide on how to buy the coin.

Step 1: Binance and buying BNB

On the BSC BEP-20 Network, the main currency, which is also used to pay gas, is called BNB. To buy coins on BSC, you will need to hold BNB coins in your wallet.


Acquiring BNB can be done either through their application or on their website. This guide will focus on using their downloadable application


  1. Install Binance and sign up
  2. Click the profile picture from top left, switch from Binance Lite to Pro
  3. Buy BnB with local currency or exchange other coins for BnB


Step 2: Using a wallet

Currently the two most common software wallets are MetaMask and Trust Wallet. This guide will focus on using MetaMask.

MetaMask comes as both a Chrome extension (recommended for PC/MAC) and mobile app for both  iOS and Android.

This guide will focus on the Chrome extension (though processes are very similar)

  1. Install Metamask
  2. Click open the Extension (or open the app)
  3. Chrome: Click the circle image in the top right and enter Settings
    Mobile: Click the three lines in the top and enter settings
  4. Enter Networks
  5. Click Add Network
  6. Enter the following:

     Network name: BSC Smart Chain
     RPC Url:
     chain id: 56
     symbol: BNB
     Block explorer url:

In your wallet it should now say BSC Smart Chain at the top and the native token should be BNB – If not, click the Network and change to BSC.


Step 3: Transferring BNB To MetaMask

With a wallet ready you need to move your BNB out from your Binance account and into your wallet. Head over to your choice of Binance (web or app)

  1. In Binance, under Wallet you will find Fiat & Spot (Withdraw and deposit)
  2. On the list of coins, find BNB and select withdraw
  3. Transfer your BNB coins from Binance to your Metamask Wallet address using the BEP-20 (BSC) network

    To find your wallet address, in MetaMask, simply click the small text field starting with “0x…” in the top center of your wallet home screen.

    Allow for a few minutes to pass whilst your tokens are being transferred


Step 4: Adding Generosity to your wallet

Please note that this is only to be able to see the amount of coins in your wallet. This will not give you any coins. To purchase coins, go to PancakeSwap after the presale.

  1. Open MetaMask, click +add tokens at the bottom
  2. Click custom token
  3. Paste the Generosity address into the token address field

the rest of the fields will auto complete
You will now be able to see the Generosity (GN) in your wallet