Generosity guide

The ultimate guide on how we can be more generous

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Online activities

The Freerice game



Freerice is an educational trivia game that helps you get smarter while making a difference for people around the world. Every question you answer correctly in the game triggers a financial payment to the World Food Programme (WFP) to support its work saving and changing lives around the world.


In the game, these payments are represented by grains of rice so by playing Freerice, you are generating the money that pays for this rice. This money goes into the pot of “greatest needs” to support WFP’s ongoing emergencies. 100% of all funds generated on Freerice go to the World Food Programme. Freerice does not earn or keep any money it raises.


Freekibble and Freekibble Kat

Visit and


Launched in 2008, as the vision of then 11-year-old Mimi Ausland. Mimi wanted to feed the homeless pets at her local shelter. “There are tens of thousands of dogs and cats in animal shelters across the country, all needing to be fed a good meal.”


Today, the Freekibble Network reaches over 500,000 passionate pet-lovers, with over 140,000 daily combined visitors from 157 countries. This loyal community has helped feed and care for hundreds of thousands of animals in need and, they’re dedicated to the primary mission of feeding and caring for as many shelter pets as we possibly can.

Charity oriented search engines

Search engines don’t always have to be massive, Silicon Valley based companies that funnel billions of dollars into their founders’ pockets. Over the past few years, more and more search engines with a social good at their heart have been popping up. Many of them are offering money to charity every time users click, which we think is a great way of giving to charity as part of your normal day to day life.




Ecosia, quite simply, is a search engine that plants trees while you search the web.

They use the profit made from the searches to plant trees all over the world – particularly in Haiti, Brazil, Peru, Indonesia, Spain, Kenya, Ghana and more. They are responsible for +125 million trees so far.





the original search engine that was founded with social good in mind, Good Search donates 50% of its profits to various charities, as chosen by its users. It’s been around for 15 years and has set up various other charitable causes since then.

Give your time

Many charitable organizations survive through the efforts of volunteers. Volunteering is a worthy way to contribute to your community and can be just as valuable as cash donations. Here are some ways to help that doesn’t cost anything.


Donate your old stuff

Many charities and nonprofits accept donated goods, including clothes, shoes, furniture, and cars. If you have some stuff to get rid of, consider giving it to a good cause rather than throwing it out.


Donate blood

Donating blood on a frequent basis, or even on a one-time basis, is a perfect way to guarantee that you’re giving back to people in need. By giving blood, every donor is contributing to a nationwide challenge to provide life-saving products whenever and wherever they are needed.


Charities really appreciate volunteers and there are likely to be organizations in your community that could use an extra pair of helping hands. It’s a great way to meet new people and develop skills to use at work or university.


If you know of any charity oriented project that would fit on the list, please share it and we’ll make sure to add it. The more the merrier.